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EDIT2 : Now you guys make me more even guilty as I see more new watchers in this inactive account... Orz

EDIT : since there are lots of people started to watch this account, I think I need to remind them with this.... ._.""

First off guys, I really want to do this like YEARS ago!! (but I can't get a better name for the other account...Orz )

Well, I'm not gonna say that "I'm Leaving", but it's just that this account is not really comfortable anymore for me... ._."

So, because of that, I DID made a NEW account somewhere in DA with a real different name.. ^^;
(which is ACTIVE enough, not like this silly account!;w; )

I'm not gonna deactivate this account because it did have lots of memory and thingsss, and there's still like
20% probability that I will post art lol! ( I did not say that I leave, okay?? I still love this site too!!<33 )

So, now let's go to the main reason...

The main reason I'm getting inactive is because I want to start new things in DA and I don't want old things mess me up and I can't get confident to start new things... ;w;

But seriously guys, it is really a GOOD thing for me to start a new thing, because previously, I got lots of heart aches and quarrels and whatever made my heart broke... (I've ever say that I'm a melancholist haven't I?? )

Yeahh, beside the main reason, the second reason is that I got a MAJOR problem in my real life!!!*sobs*

MY BEST BEST FRIEND IS GOING TO GO TO THE USA FOR 3 YEARS AND IT'S ALMOST THE TIME!!!TTATT (mygoodnesssheleavesin27januaryhowcanIsurviveinthreeyearswithouther... *cries* )

This seriously made me lose all of my motivation to draw, to be happy, to touch my computer (I'm serious.. Orz ), and she's probably one of the main motivation for me to continue and keep living!! AND SHE'S GONNA LEAVE SOON!!!!*whimpers*


She's just someone too special for me, cuz' I really never had a REAL friend like her that I love and care so much with all my heart... ;w; (not romantically, but it's like friend love I guess... Orz )

I even cry all night every single day rolling on the floor!!TTATT

*sigh*I don't know guyss, it's just....that... I'm getting super attached to her and I don't really know what to react and what to do... (we're just like husband and wife because of how close we really are... Orz )

Yeahh, I know my life sucks, cuz' EVERY SINGLE time I got closer to someone, something whatever it is will depart me from his /her.. (I think... I'm supposed to be alone, am I?? )




Okay, I really need to stop talking about this, cuz' I'm started to crying again... Orz

(okay, stop crying...)

...yeahhh, another thing!!

For those who still want to follow me in my new account (which is surely full of surprises lol! ) can contact me directly from this account // notes // tumblr // via e-mails.. (I will love you forever if you re-watch me!!<3333333 )

However, I will tell my secret account name later, but it's probably like... 1000000000 years later lol!xDD (it's 10000000000000x faster if you asked lol!>xD )

Mehhh!!! If you guys still persistent, I give you a code which is actually my account name, here you go : 18 1 19 8 21 21
(This is should be easy cuz' it's the easiest basic mystery name breaker lol! OR you can just search the code and look for names and hope you have good luck with it!xD )

And my comic (Scarlet Sky ) will surely be continued in my new account!;3
( I promise I'll continue this one in the other account!X3 )


Thank you so much guys for always supporting me all the time both in the good and bad situation!<33



1. Not really a ciao though! I'm just getting INACTIVE.. better to remember that!owo" 
2. Ask me for clearance in the future!!
3. Since many have asked me, I make a clear statement that I DON'T continue Swift (the comic ) anymore... (because lots of things     like I've explained in the previoussss journals..
4. Always remember that my tumblr has the most clear information
5. I love you guysss!<33 

  • Mood: Tired


Somehow I hide it lol!xD
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Current Fursonas:
- Main: Dolfy
- Secondary: Miguel

My real name is Rachel, but I don't like to use my real name in the web,so I use Dolfiy as my nickname, because I like dolphins and orcas :3. Anyway,I'm still 15 years old(4 January 1998),so I'm not as old as you think.

I prefered to draw animals than human,because I'm not good at drawing humans, but I'm good at drawing animals such as wolf,cats,etc...but,I want to try to draw another things..maybe you can give me a suggestion...because sometimes I'm too confused what to draw..

Like most animal cartoon artists, I do have a few fursonas (animal characters that are meant to represent myself). xD If I have enough fursonas/Oc's , maybe I'm going to start to make web-comics/story about them..:)

Anyway, I'm a very shy person, plegmatic , melancholist and sometimes avoid some people.
I also like to hide my feelings, and I usually suffer because of it..:C
I also naturally suspicious and won't easily trust people, because of my experiences..
but don't worry.... I want to befriended by all people ( sorry for my bad english)
and I treat my watchers as my friends ( watchers=friends)
so..I'm really appreciate who watch me:D

Actually,I have three styles that I usualy use, so don't be confused with it ok?

Anyway,If there is someone who steal my art please tell me or just report it..
I really appreaciate it...:D

I also have another account from another web like :

Please remember that I have the "same" account name in that site...

Thanks for reading these..

Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle

Btw, webcam is by *Belliko-art

Best friend in reality :

Best friends in DA (probably the best people I've ever met...C: )
:iconrejithewolf: "the first person that being a real best friend in DA...she is very kind, polite, and extremely caring...C: I often expressing myself to her and enjoy talking with her....X3"

:iconnennetjejen: "she is so cute and I'm enjoying replying comments with her...:XD:

:iconruuza: "ASDFGHJKL! she is EXTREMELY chatty!:XD: and I like to chat EVERYTHING with her!:la:"

:icondiamondstream: "another kind person that I met in here...C: very caring and sometimes being very cute!X3"

Awesome person!:la: :
:iconkaisertiger: :icontamberella: :iconfalvie: :iconbaliwick: and some..X)

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kumiewolf Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
beautiful art!!!:love: 
Tienala Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014  Hobbyist
i really love your comic and I can't wait to see more! can you please tell me the name of your new account? i will most definetly watch you.
DOLFIY Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Well, I'm actually kinda discontinued the comic and
if possible, I will continue it if I have the mood back on..^^;

However, I'll send a note for my new
account name since you've asked for it!x3
BlueUnicornJ13 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014   Traditional Artist
Hi, I just wanted to say that you have improved so much over the years. I can really tell that you have been working hard. :3
Svarov Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, Dolfiy!

I really love your SWIFT comic! You already have amazing skills at drawing and plot of the comic  is totally exciting.

You are very talented, young lady :)
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